Who is covered by Insurance
Blue Cross Green Shield Great West Life Manulife & Sun Life are some of the insurance companies that cover Massage Therapy. Depending on the plan you may need a doctor referral before beginning your sessions.
I am set up for Direct Billing with Blue Cross so you don’t have to deal with any paperwork.

Blue Cross Claims

Teachers Health Care Workers, any other Government Employee and most <em><strong>Union Members and their Families are covered for Massage Therapy through Blue Cross.businesses also cover their employees under Blue Cross group plans.On average people are covered for $500 worth of Massage Therapy Treatments per year.
For more information on your Blue Cross Coverage 1-800-667-4511 href=”http://www.bluecross.ca/” target=”_blank”>www.bluecross.ca
Other Insurance Claims
Massage Therapy is also completely covered for any injuries sustained in a car accident.I can set up direct billing with most car insurances so that all you do is come for treatment.If your health insurance does not have a direct billing option I provide you with a receipt for each treatment and your insurance company will reimburse you.
Please check your health insurance plan for details. Green Shield 1-800-268-6613 <a href=”http://www.greenshield.ca” target=”_blank”>www.greenshield.ca Great West Life 1-800-663-2817 http://www.greatwestlife.com” target=”_blank”>www.greatwestlife.com Manu Life 1-888-626-8543 <a href=”http://www.manulife.ca www.manulife.ca Sun Life 1-800-786-5433 <a href=”http://www.sunlife.ca” www.sunlife.ca