Suboccipitals These little muscles sit deep inside the back of your neck and are a frequent source of a deep ache in the head traveling from the back of the head along the side to the eye.
SCM Trigger Points in this muscle may send pain to the back and front of the head, around the eye and in the ear.
Temporalis As the name implies the muscle lies in your temple area.
Levator ScapThis is a very common muscle to have Trigger Points and cause pain when turning the head. The pain tends to be in the area of neck and shoulder angle and may travel down the inside of the shoulder blade</p>
Deltoid Posterior
Trigger Points in this muscle can cause pain at the top of the shoulder in front or back
Infraspinatus back
This muscle sits on the shoulder blade, but its Trigger Points are usually felt in the front of the shoulder. It may be difficult to put the hand behind the back without pain.
Supraspinatus With a rotator cuff tear this muscle is often involved. Pain from Trigger Points is most intensely felt over the upper shoulder and it can diffuse down the arm. Lifting the arm may be aggravating symptoms.</p>
Serratus Posterior Superior Back
Serratus Posterior Superior Trigger points in this muscle are a common cause of upper back pain. The muscle sits deep underneath the shoulder blade and its Trigger Point pain is often felt as a deep ache, and may hurt when breathing.</p>
Deltoid 2