What are Trigger Points?
Commonly known as knots in muscles, Trigger Points are a cause of pain many Physical Therapists tend to adress in their soft tissue treatments.Trigger Points are small tender spots in muscles that can produce pain not only where they are located but may also send pain to other parts of the body.The pain can be a deep aching or may be a sharp burning sensation that is often felt with a certain movement. The pain level can be quite intense and is sometimes confused with nerve pain.Travell and Simons, MD are the most well known advovates of Trigger Points in the medical field.
Treatin Trigger Points
The most common way to treat Trigger Points is direct pressure to the Trigger Point. The pressure is light so there is no further pain. The client experiences a relaxing of the tense muscle. This is called a release and may take up to five minutes. The following are some examples of Trigger Point Pain. Please note that there are many sources of pain in the body and that Trigger Point Pain is not the only cause of muscular pain.