In this injury common with car accidents or falls, the muscles in front and back of the neck suddenly get overstretched and tear. It leaves us with a stiff neck and it is often difficult to return to normal, pain free movement of the neck. With Whiplash it is good to begin Massage Therapy Treatments 1-2 weeks after the accident. It helps to speed up the healing process and keep normal motion of the neck</ Stretching and myofascial release techniques are very helpful to regain motion.Back Pain One type of muscular back pain Massage Therapy can help with is back strain sustained in a car accident Similar to Whiplash of the neck, the back muscles get overstretched and tear.Muscle spasms and Trigger Points are also very likely to develop, especially in the lower back. Lower Back muscles often get strained at work with activities such as bending over and lifting, or with sudden turning. Prolonged standing and stitting at work can also cause back muscles to tighten up and cause pain.
Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Release can be very effective in relieving back pain.Shoulder Pain rotator cuff tearis a common shoulder injury that Massage Therapy can help.The rotator cuff is a name for the group of muscles that hold the shoulder in place. When these muscles tear they can cause pain with various movements of the arm, especially lifting, and there is usually a decrease in motion of the arm after the injury.Massage Therapy can help regain pain free motion of the arm through specific work on the rotator cuff muscles.Trigger Points are commonly involved with shoulder pain. See the Trigger Point section for some examples.Headache assage Therapy can provide relief for headaches that are of muscular origin.Tension Headaches can often be felt traveling up the back of the neck, sometimes beginning at the top of the shoulders Muscular headaches often start after injury such as Whiplash or after increased levels of stress and tension. The pain level can be quite high and the headache often comes and goes during the day.Massage Therapy can help relax the tense musculature of the head, neck and shoulder that are involved with these headaches. Trigger Point release if often very effective with muscular headaches. Please see the Trigger Point section for examples of Trigger Points and headaches.Fibromyalgia High levels of fatigue, decreased sleep, aching pains during the day and tender muscles are some of the symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia. Massage Therapy has proven itself toone of the best alternative forms of pain relief for Fibromyalgia Patients with regular massage treatments report increased sleep, decrease in muscular aching and higher energy levels Besides relieving muscular pain Massage Therapy stimulates to body┬┤s nervous system to release natural painkillers and sleep enhancers and promotes a feeling of well being.