These little muscles sit deep inside the back of your neck and are a frequent source of a deep ache in the head traveling from the back of the head along the side to the eye.
Trigger Points in this muscle may send pain to the back and front of the head, around the eye and in the ear.
As the name implies the muscle lies in your temple area. Trigger points in this muscle are a possible cause of temporal pain/headaches and can also refer pain over the eye.
Trapezius 1 This is one of the most common muscles affected by Trigger Points. The pain tends to travel up the side of the neck, behind the ear and can move into the temple area.
Masseter This is the fleshy muscle you can feel in your jaw when opening and closing your mouth. Trigger Points in this muscle are often involved with TMJ dysfunction. They can send pain into the jaw, over the eye and into the ear.
Splenius Capitus The pain arising from the Trigger Points in this upper neck muscle is mainly felt in the top of the head.
Trapezius 2 The pain starts at the bottom of the neck and moves to the hairline behind the ear.</p>
Splenius CervicisThe pain may be felt starting at the angle of neck and shoulder traveling up the back of the neck. It may also travel up the side of the head and is often most intense deep inside the eye socket.