Treatments and Fees

Therapeutic Massage

If you need specific work to relieve pain, I often use a combination of Trigger point and Deep Tissue work, Active Release and Cupping Therapy.

1 hour – $70, ½ hour – $40


Relaxation Massage

You can also just simply unwind. Take a deep breath and let go.
1 hour – $70, ½ hour – $40


Hot Stone Massage

This is a favorite relaxation treatment. I use heated stones to massage resulting in deep relaxation of the muscles and mind.

1 hour – $80 1½ hour – $120



Through the insertion of fine needles I can release tension in your muscles which can be part of your presenting pain. It also has a very soothing effect on the nervous system and is therefore often used to treat stress, anxiety and headaches.

½ hour -$40


All prices are subject to HST.