Common Questions

It is my first massage, what can I expect? Before the actual massage treatment you fill out a confidential health history form and we sit down and discuss the physical problem you have. I need to know things like when your pain started, what exactly happened, what movements bring on the pain, what eases the pain, etc. After that I assess your problem for muscular dysfunction through specific muscle and joint testing. Once I have answered all your questions and concerns I leave the room so you can disrobe to your comfort level and get on the massage table. During the massage you are completely draped by a sheet and blanket and only the area I am working on is exposed. I check in with you as much as possible as to your comfort. The treatment is about you and it is important you let me know how you feel during the treatment. After the treatment we check to see of there were some immediate effects on your problem. We can then discuss some stretches and exercises you can perform at home, and postural adjustments you may need at work and home. The first session usually take a bit longer due to the health form and assessment. It is good to schedule two hours of your time.
What parts of my body are exposed during the treatment? Only the area I am working on is exposed, the rest of your body is covered by a sheet and blanket. If you don’t feel comfortable you can leave on a light T-Shirt and shorts or pants.
What type of clothing should I wear? Something light and comfortable is best, especially if you prefer to keep most clothing on during the treatment. For women a sports bra and shorts work well.
Does Massage Therapy hurt? Usually a Massage Therapy Treatment does not hurt. There are times when massage therapy can cause some light discomfort but it is not harmful. Before beginning the massage we establish a comfort scale so that we only work in your tolerance level. You can stop or ask me to modify the treatment at any time.
How long does it take for Massage Therapy Treatments to show an effect? This really depends on your condition and can be anywhere from 1 – 5 treatments.
Is it a difficult process with the insurance companies? It is actually very simple. If I can set up the direct billing for you then you don’t have to deal with any of the financial aspect. In case your insurance company cannot offer direct billing, you send in the receipts I provide you with. Insurance companies usually take about 1-2 weeks to reimburse you.
What other therapies does Massage Therapy work well with? Massage Therapy is often used in combination with Physiotherapy or Chiropractic Treatments for a well-rounded care.