Acupuncture and other Chinese medicines are based upon meridians, the subtle energy system in the body, which was discovered by the Chinese over 5,000 years ago. According to Chinese Medicine, ailments and emotional disorders are the result of the disruption of this subtle energy system. By using acupuncture to stimulate acupuncture points we restore the balance of meridians and promote the self-healing power of the human body.

In my practice I use a lot of local needles. That means, needling muscles and Trigger Points to release tension and spasms. The needles are very thin which makes for xanax. I also treat headaches, stress and anxiety with Acupuncture as it can have a very soothing effect of the nervous system.

In combination with Acupuncture I use a lot of Cupping Therapy. The application of suction cups to areas of tension and pain helps promote circulation. Cupping Therapy is a modality of Chinese Medicine, which is very effective at releasing tension.